m a r t e n   b e r k m a n

the ecology of perception

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Remote Sensibility: The Ecology of Perception is a multiscreen stereo 3D gallery installation and complimentary feature length cross-genre cinematic work.

Currently in production throughout 2019, Remote Sensibility VIII: the ecology of perception will open at Yukon Arts Centre in December 2019.

A preliminary study, Hart to Heart: Reflections, an interactive stereo 3D video installation, was completed in 2015. This installation has presented at venues such as BMFBF 2015, In It, ISEA 2015, ALFF, DCISFF, World Humanities Conference (Belgium), Nature of Media.

Remote Sensibility         

the ecology

of perception

How  do we reconcile human nature

with the rest of nature?


to our elders, our astronauts, our artists.

In a watershed in northern Canada

a river takes us on a journey

through human nature, the rest of nature,

and leads us to… ourselves.



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In the Yukon’s Peel watershed, for the first time many voices are given a safe place to be heard, speaking about the land and our connection to it.

Yet as the fate of the watershed is determined, 

this new paradigm is threatened by the old, igniting a dialogue where one did not previously exist. An elder of the Na Cho Nyak Dunn First Nation, a president of the Yukon Chamber of Mines, a scientist and national conservation celebrity, a Canadian astronaut now the Governor General of Canada, and a cadre of artists, provide insight, and profound perspective, on the many facets of our nature.

Linear meets circular, youth meet elders,  economics meets ecology, science meets art.

In this place where human values in the land overlap and can divide us, this journey ignites inspiration for global industrial culture: 

how do we transcend our duality with the earth?

It seems we need to listen to be heard... 

and let art speak for the heart.

Painting by Suzanne Paleczny

Mask sculpture by Graham Rudge

Photography by Marten  Berkman

Moon and mountain image by Joe Muething

Moose image by Brendan Preston

Metal mask sculpture by Graham Rudge

Fibre mask sculpture by Helen O’Conner

Interactive art by marten berkman and  Baptiste Bohelay

Film and photography by marten berkman

Art installation made possible with the generous support of

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