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the ecology of perception

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Begin You Again

Collaborators / Artistic Team:

Choreographer / Performer / Dancer - Monique Romeiko 

Collaborator / Performer / Dancer – Erin Flynn (Montreal)

Collaborator / Performer / Dancer  - Aimée Dawn Robinson

Composer / Sound Designer / Live Music – Jordy Walker

S3D Video Artist / Live Video / Performance – Marten Berkman

Developer / Interaction Designer – Baptiste Bohelay (France)

Visual Artist – Helen O’Connor

Rehearsal Director – Gail Lotenberg

Lighting Designer - Bree Lucas

This work involves a new, experimental process of creating a collaborative yet personal dance piece. We seem “limited” by our human bodies, and every artist in this project is interested in using dance to either enhance their artwork/art form, or to use their artwork/art form to enhance the body.

What the Land Remembers – Tales of Raven and Wolf, Aboriginal Pavillion, Vancouver 2010 Olympics.
Dynamic full dome projection, depicting four diurnal cycles at four latitudes in four seasons.
Jennifer Berezan - Praises for the World in Whitehorsehttp://www.edgeofwonder.com/perfberezan.htmlshapeimage_21_link_0
One Word: The Yukon Experience Performance with Celia McBride - Vancouver 2010 Olympics
Drama/doc/music film production for broadcast, with multimedia for inter-performance presentation and performance backdrop.
GITA: God in the Army
is a multimedia meditation on war and peace, the duty of service and the nature of God.

A female soldier who has experienced war trauma begins a counseling relationship with a Canadian Forces Chaplain.

Will she abandon her duty for peace or continue to serve war?

Written and performed by Celia McBride

(mb: special effects, multimedia assembly and projection)http://www.celiamcbride.com/?page_id=401http://www.celiamcbride.com/perfgita.htmlshapeimage_23_link_0shapeimage_23_link_1
Yukon Larger than Life presentations at Rendezvous Canada 2000-2005: Calgary, Halifax, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal. Seven projector multichannel video production in concert with life performance.http://www.edgeofwonder.com/perfytg.htmlshapeimage_24_link_0

My Brain is Plastic

A troubled girl from a messed up family who is engaging in addictive and self-harming behaviours. A neuroscientist assists us in understanding the brain functioning involved in addictions through storytelling and interactive media. 

My Brain is Plastic is about trauma, neuroplasticity and ultimately healing and hope.


Artistic Director & Playwright: Arlin McFarlane

(mb: live camera performance)

photo by Max Fraser

Map of the Land, Map of the Stars

(projection design marten berkman)

Map of the Land, Map of the Stars, directed by Yvette Nolan and Michelle Olson, weaves together untold story-beads from our northern land. Generations of women walk their ancestors’ trails. People gather at fish camp.  A wartime highway is built on the backs of African-American soldiers, transforming the land and people forever. Newcomers fall in love with the land and the people living on it.

In this powerful ensemble piece, blending theatre, dance and music, we search for the trail forward together.

photo by Bruce Barrett

photo by Bruce Barrett

photo by marten berkman