Passing; Slowly 2010 - 3 min. w,d,p,dop,c,pp

Exploring our experience when we are closest to the edge, this journey takes us through the gamut of human emotion.

This film was commissioned as part of the 10north project, commemorating the 10th anniversary of the Dawson City International Short Film Festival.Though still grounded in the land, this film steps right out of my familiar genre and pushes me into new territory. Though making me very uncomfortable, the subject was absolutely necessary to express.

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m a r t e n   b e r k m a n

the ecology of perception


Cinematography: writer, producer, director, artistic director, director of photography, camera, post production

Love, Emma 2009 - 10 min.  w,co-d,dop,c,pp

a film by marten berkman, Arlin McFarlane and Matt Ooms

Alice is a teenager more interested in tunes and texting than dead relatives she never knew. But a story her late great grandmother leaves behind in a dollhouse wrenches Alice out of her programmed world.

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Tending Toward Silence

written and directed by Arlin McFarlane

2007 - 8 min dop,c,pp

Winner MITY Award, Dawson City International Short Film Festival 2007

A woman's inner journey of the imagination, to find peace, dignity, and grace on her deathbed.

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Mothers Day

Written and directed by Richard Lawrence

Elsa Entertainment

2005 - 9 min dop, c

Winner MITY Award, Dawson City International Short Film Festival 2005

One boy's gesture of love for his mother, rebutted by the violence at home, begins a journey of pain and ultimately redemption.


Last Stop for Miles

written, produced and directed by Celia McBride

2007 - 7 min dop,c

In a small city north of 60, a woman named January hits the road and the bottle, running from a man and heading nowhere fast. A series of curious events begin to unfold forcing her to make an unexpected change in plans.


Santa Lucia

Written and directed by Richard Lawrence

Elsa Entertainment

2003 - 6 min dop, c

Inspired on the eve of his birthday by a vision of Santa Lucia, a small boy finds a way to share with those less fortunate.


Cinematography: writer, producer, director, artistic director, director of photography, camera, post production

Cascade of Light 2008 - 24 min. w,d,p,dop,c,pp (exp/doc/drama)

In an age of adrenaline packed adventures in the wilderness, where is the dance of our soul?

In an age of adrenaline packed adventures about egos in the wilderness, a group of friends take a different kind of journey into the wild. They follow a river to the Arctic Ocean, to perpetual light and the spectacle of arctic life. Here they discover how awareness, not crisis, must define our relationship with the rest of the natural world...and how the greatest journey is where the land takes us in ourselves.

Cascade de lumière

2008 - 24 min. w,d,p,dop,c,pp (drame/documentaire experimental)

Dans nos aventures extremes, ou est la danse de l’âme?

Au nord du cercle arctique, sept amis descendent une rivière isolee et sauvage jusqu'a la Mer de Beaufort. Ce qui commence comme une aventure en devient une autre; quand la terre, les animaux, et la lumiere perpetuelle en revelent une illumination surprenante....


Adrenaline Bach

(experimental short documentary/drama, National Film Board of Canada) 2007 - 6:30 d,a,dop,c

Adrenaline Bach features Tim Sellars, a triathlon athlete who trains among the forests, ridges and mists of Canada’s boreal mountains. A meditation on the inter-connectedness of human nature and the natural world, the film is shot against the startlingly beautiful landscape of the Yukon Territory.

Distributed by National Film Board of Canada


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Run With Paper 2012 - 3:52. dop,c,pp

Visual artist Helen O'Connor takes us on a metaphysical journey through the northern landscape of the Yukon Territory. This short film conveys the artist's intimate connection with handmade paper art and the natural world.

Director- Helen O'Connor

Editing and Camera- Marten Berkman

Soundtrack- Fabian Brook

Sound Engineer- Daniel Janke

Paper Artists- Joyce Majiski and Helen O'Connor

Ecology of Perception: Hart to Heart - in development
Feature length cross-genre cinematic project, w,d,dop,c,pp 

In an embattled northern watershed, a river takes us on a magical journey through human nature, wild nature, and leads us to… ourselves.

In the Yukon’s Peel watershed, for the first time many voices are given a safe place to be heard, speaking about the land and our connection to it. Yet as the fate of the watershed is determined, this new paradigm is threatened by the old, igniting a dialogue including First Nation elders, youth, miners, scientists, artists, astronauts. In this place where human values in the land overlap and can divide us, this journey ignites a question for urban and industrial culture: 
how do we transcend our duality with the earth? 
A cross-genre cinematic project, EOP:H2H uses drama and experimental forms to explore the ineffableh2h.html