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An experimental S3D art film for gallery installation or theatre.

“A quiet walk across the arctic circle invites contemplation on life, death and eternity”

When I journeyed by foot in the high arctic in 1990, capturing the landscape on black and white film, I had a yearning to capture the very presence of the stones beneath my feet. I wondered about holography at the time, but rediscovered stereo imaging in 2005. This piece was created using S3D HD video recorded on Baffin island in 2008 while traveling with my friend artist Cory Trepanier. Poet and novelist Anne Michaels who wrote the foreword to my book “Chasms of Silence”, which is a limited edition portfolio of the back and white arctic work, has let me adapt her text to this film. Wanting to maintain silence in the landscape, these musings appear as text suspended in the landscape. This film is an experiment in adapting poetry and prose and photography, to time based stereoscopic media.

World premiere at Les Rendezvous du Cinema Quebecois, 2014.

Sound design includes voice by Jennifer Berezan and Tanya Tagaq Gillis.

2D stills from the S3D film                                                     Voici version francais du film

Abimes de Silence - version francais

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