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the ecology of perception

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The Ecology of Perception:

Hart to Heart

A time to listen.

To our Elders, our Astronauts, and our Artists.

In an embattled northern watershed,

a river takes us on a magical journey

through human nature, the rest of nature,

and leads us to… ourselves.

A significant component of a multi-faceted project, Hart to Heart is a feature length cross-genre cinematic work currently in development.

A short companion artwork has been completed: Hart to Heart: Reflections, an interactive stereo 3D video installation. This installation has shown at venues such as BMFBF 2015, In It, ISEA 2015, ALFF, and DCISFF. This is part of a  set of photo and video installations planned to accompany the film.

Moon and mountain image by Joe Muething

Moose image by Brendan Preston

In the Yukon’s Peel watershed, for the first time many voices are given a safe place to be heard, speaking about the land

and our connection to it.

Yet as the fate of the watershed is determined, 

this new paradigm is threatened by the old, igniting a dialogue including First Nation elders, youth, miners, scientists, artists, astronauts. In this place where human values in the land overlap and can divide us, this journey ignites a question for urban and industrial culture: 

how do we transcend our duality with the earth?

On the Peel’s Hart river, there is a story.

It seems we need to listen to be heard... 

and let art speak for the heart.

Painting by Suzanne Paleczny